Three courses to choose from:

  • Parmesan cheesecake, salmon, marinated peaches in yuzu fruit
  • Crunchy polenta slice, sausage hamburger, taleggio cheese, caramelised onions
  • Egg in a cup with cheese fondue and black truffle
  • Tartlet with liver pâté, marinated pork and edible flowers
  • Fresh pasta spaghetti, sheep bolognese sauce as it used to be
  • Ricotta stuffed ravioli, basil cream, crunchy cuttlefish
  • Risotto with burrata cheese/mozzarella, tomato reduction, capers, anchovies and bergamot
  • Horse tartare, artichokes in olive oil, ginger emulsion
  • Prok ribs BBQ sauce
  • Mixed vegetables, edible flowers, fruits, goat cheese
  • Polenta with cheese fondue and mushrooms
  • Slightly cooked deer tartare, crunchy spinaches, vegetables from the garden

1 Dessert to choose from:

  • Dark chocolate ganache, raspberries coulis
  • White chocolate mousse and passion fruit

1 Bottle of still or sparkling water

It includes three courses of your choice plus dessert