Three courses to choose from:

  • Egg in a cup with cheese fondue and black truffle

  • Parmesan cheesecake, mhome made cardamom marinated pork, gin flavoured peaches

  • Parmesan cheesecake, smoked tuna, bergamot emulsion

  • Fluffy egg, goat cheese, zucchini, camomille, pollen, mountain flowers

  • Fresh pasta spaghetti, yellow bell pepper, basil flavoured sheep cheese crumble

  • Buffalo raviolo, crispy cuttle fish, lettuce, chlorophyll

  • Polenta with cheese fondue and mushrooms

  • Deer tartare, marinated onion in raspberry pickle, ancient mustard

  • Sausage hamburger, charred eggplant, taleggio cheese, our home made BBQ sauce

1 Dessert to choose from:

  • Dark chocolate ganache, raspberries coulis
  • White chocolate mousse and passion fruit

1 Bottle of still or sparkling water